An Unchanged Path

The people, souls, come to fore.
‘Maginations often soar.

Rhetoric, action, unity,
The past shed with impunity.

Marching forward in a line.
Picture perfect in design.

And yet perfection’s falling short.
The plans, lacking true support.

We thought we had it figured out,
With all details free of doubt.

Despite the crowds, despite the traction,
Something prevents further action.

Beneath the winds, the yearning yearns.
Beneath the coals, the burning burns.

An ancient rock, a truth so deep,
The one condemned that we still keep,

The idea that can’t be quelled,
The spirit that won’t be expelled.

Of all that is and what will be,
Beyond what we can ever see,

The fuel of freedom and it’s story,
Truth in real and allegory.

Where the two intersect.
The cross of cause and effect.

With strength of these and faith in they,
The winds go so far as sway.

The movement with a like return.
To where it kindles, where it burns.

Despite conceding to the wrath.
Unchanged is our human path.
© 2020 TheRememberings Ltd.

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