With this freedom that you found.
This thing of yours, so profound.

Your gods are gone, to unknown.
You’re in darkness, all alone.

There’s no judge and no condemned.
No law to bring disaster’s end.

But to know what is of you,
And me, and them, and others too.

We sat back dur-ing the fight.
Lived, upon its fruits alright.

Stayed below, behind, away.
Now it seems we are the fray.

Where ideas are taking form.
To stifle it is not the norm.

It’s on you to bring it fore,
To keep its space, to implore.

To exercise its will to be,
To let it loose right now, you see.

Let it unfold, if you will,
To stand tall and calm and still.

The ruler of your own domain.
Nothing further to obtain.

Not uber-men, but uber-man,
Meaning you, understand?

To live in depth and in peace,
From now ‘til you may decease.

This darkness where your light will shine.
Where ends and means at once align.

© 2020 TheRememberings Ltd

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