The Grail

“I searched around this place so fine.
The riddle of this life of mine.

Where can I find that which I seek?”
Asked the baffled youth so meek.

“It’s infinite! Where do I start?
To fill this cup that is my heart?”

Standing on the edge of woods.
A steely elder understood.

“The forest, it now beckons thee.
Look in there, what do you see?

The part that is most dark to you.
Is the way you’ll find most true.

To fill that heart, to be redeemed.
That darkness blocks your hopes and dreams.

It’s looking demons in the face.
Not fudgeling, but giving chase.

Deliberate through the depths of hell.
To bear the cross, your cruci-bell.

Becoming what you’re meant to be,
The means to set your spirit free.

I don’t know if – you’ll prevail,
Mere steps toward a – holy grail.”

Then shuttering through darkened woods.
With thoughts of ought’s, and musts and should’s.

Beneath, within, as pioneer.
“I wonder what I’m doing here?”

Before long the demons swarm.
Alas the moment to perform.

A glare, alive, aligned, awake.
And set to do what it takes.

A character in a dream.
On a path to be redeemed.
© 2021 TheRememberings Ltd.

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