Who’s Progress?

In reflection on the blue.
This is where I am . . . and do.

Communing with the seeing eye.
The one of you and they and my.

Diamonds glitter off the shore.
Like the lives that came before.

To see again, to getting clear.
It’s comforting to keep them near.

Many cycles, many turns.
What from those times can I learn?

Compelled by progress, to provide,
A way to bridge our divides.

But who decides what progress means?
Is it a man or machine?

It moves me onward, but to where?
Right now, do I even care?

It’s colonized my thoughts, my mind.
How long until this truth I find?

And stand in power, stand in strength.
Propel my lives to greater lengths.

To rid my mind of other’s wills.
To reject progress and be still.

. . .

To hear what that still beholds.
Allow myself to unfold.

A progress that I will define.
True to my heart and soul and mind.

© 2021 TheRememberings Ltd.

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