Not By Lies

So you see a death, an end.
A circumstance to transcend.

The thought of it is filling thee.
A death accepted willingly.

Choice is made, a fate is sealed.
Who you are will be revealed.

A veil to pierce, a door to pass.
It all has come and gone so fast.

The larger part, of course, resides,
Alas, it’s here, on every side,

Of the moment, of the time,
Of imagine-nary line.

What were the reasons for that birth?
What made it have a sense of worth?

A protector, a guard-ee-on,
For a time, but then it’s done,

The first and last one to protect,
The person trying to perfect,

The man alone but unified,
The one that will be crucified.

The point of pain, of decision.
Endures contempt and derision.

Procession in the face of these,
Without a bend at the knees.

A menace standing firm and tall.
In peace, in answer to the call.

The call that’s still not free from sin.
The call from deep beneath, within.

It lasts beyond the demise,
Of ye who live not by lies.
© 2021 TheRememberings Ltd.

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