In My Mind

Fights itself, this warring creature.
‘Gainst synthetic hostile features.

Distant pain on ‘thralling screens.
But nearby seems fit and clean.

Okay in my place of stead.
Could this war be in my head?

Here is peace and there is friction.
Answers read as contradiction.

Why is that, what can it be?
Why can’t I find it physically?

Where’s my enemy to engage?
Ideas are weapons of this age.

It is a war upon the minds.
Revealed in races to define.

The ideas that are used on me.
As bullets raining ‘pon the free.

Narrative defines the field,
Before the truth can be revealed.

On these things I’m given pause.
On its effect, and on its cause.

This world was built by countless souls.
The good and bad in different roles.

Never perfect, yet perfecting.
That process is worth protecting.

The lie that I am powerless,
Is an excuse for cowardice.

Messiness of human being,
Has means to set its own meaning.

With those means, capability,
Bound by responsibility.

Responsible then brave then free.
The time is now, alas, I see.

Accountable this very day.
Whether I act or look away.

Take this up and don’t give in.
With truth, with courage, not in sin.

Here with my mind’s infection.
I’m offered an inflection.

The cure, for me, is common sense.
A loner of the now and whence.

My mind is mine, it’s not for sale.
And in my mind, I will prevail.
© 2021 TheRememberings Ltd.

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