My Demons

This tale, this path, this place to be.
Set out for me perfectly.

As lucky as I was before.
Rely on luck, I could no more.

In want of life with intent.
I examined my dissent.

The things within that were against.
The wilds past my mind’s defense.

Demons hid beneath each rock.
My search unhinged a fictious lock.

I felt a change, a shift firsthand.
These evil forces took command.

In poison pills and damaged goods.
The impulse could not be withstood.

My will, the bricks – thin as paper.
My strength as firm as a vapor.

I let them loose before their time.
Just to calm my racing mind.

My flight, my path, it missed the mark.
In vicious unintended arcs.

I fought and put the demons down.
Beneath the stones where they were found.

“Deny you might, deny you will.
They remain in wait there still.

You must find comfort with these demons.
They stay with you for good reasons.

They make you a stronger foe.
Bring more strength than you will know.

Use their darkness to your favor.
Give your way an evil flavor.

Remain yourself no matter what.
All of you, raw and uncut.

With some reason as a guide.
Let evil impulses reside.

To your end without remorse.
Courage and fear aligned in source.

In that way you’ll be true.
Heart mind spirit – all of you.”

Starting fresh starting anew.
That’s what I set out to do.

Aligned, entwined and too to keep.
Kissing heaven while rooted deep.

With surer footing, firmer ground.
In time these layers would compound.

In smaller steps at once each day.
Allowed my demons out to play.

Or sit sometimes upon my shelf.
A step toward mastery of self.
© 2021 TheRememberings Ltd.

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