A Sun

I see it higher in the sky.
It holds a prayer, an if, a why.

A moving warmth, a reminder,
Of a story so much kinder,

Than the tales running wild.
The way each has been reviled.

The tales of moons, cold and dead.
Reflecting others and misled.

To live, to be, a certain way.
One not of you, but of they.

Of a tribe, its priorities,
Tramp-el-ing small minorities,

In fact the smallest that we know.
The one creation did bestow,

With the free human mind.
One that cannot be confined.

It’s the one, it’s the only.
Comes and goes from life so lonely.

It is the center of an all.
At once delayed but not forestalled.

It’s our denial of this truth,
Of our species’ tender youth.

It is the fate of the one,
To find this truth and be a sun.

And may that light bring more to shine.
As if our own and as with thine.

© 2021 TheRememberings Ltd.

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