Force of Nature

Everything should be okay.
But that’s not how it feels today.

Im-balance of whole or part.
A foreboding from the heart.

Feeling in the breeze so fair.
Distance between here and there.

Lines past which the view won’t go.
So there’s much we cannot know.

She feeds on bits of sanity.
And oceans of humanity.

Moving onward, move she must.
With fickle and explosive gusts.

Getting tossed, getting shaken.
Axioms have been forsaken.

This beauty stands for all around.
Her essence stirs without a sound.

Spun delusions of devotion.
Rolling cross a placid ocean.

Why is her way not fulfilling?
With all the heart and soul she’s spilling?

Why’s there loathing, scoff and blame?
When every bout turns out the same?

Tempts to stay on course and just.
All perish in explosive gusts.

It’s the ride of her life.
Not for the win, but for the strife.

A life of war and persevere.
A way that is not insincere.

To settle in, you cannot do.
Try and she’ll destroy you too.
© 2021 TheRememberings Ltd.

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