All Is Welcome

How the water does reflect,
Persistent cause and effect.

The wispy clouds overhead.
The smoky thoughts in my head.

The loving eye of God – the view.
The things it makes me want to do. . .

See beyond the sand and shore.
Into the depths of . . . something more.

Where the cycles come and go.
Where splashes settle in the flow.

Where every piece plays a part.
A moving, living work of art.

A thought of words on a page.
Just as the words disengage.

And lose their sound, their mean, their worth.
A death that coincides with birth.

For these perhaps there are no words.
As my gaze follows the birds,

That come around and fly on by,
An if, a would, a will, a why.

I cannot know what I’ll learn,
Once belief starts to burn.

I cannot know what’s in store,
At the end of the coming war.

I cannot know when it will end,
If it will heal, or break or bend.

But I can watch, and love and be.
And find the grace in all I see.

Gratitude for here and now.
All is well, come home somehow.
© 2021 TheRememberings Ltd.

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