What Is Moral?

We are expressions of a will,
Of what was and what is still.

What is moral, what is right?
How can it help in this plight?

Where decency has gone astray.
And narcissus rules the day.

Where laws vary by the man.
No one knows quite where they stand.

The common sense of common men.
That sentiment must rise again.

What is moral, what is grace?
Why has grace not been replaced?

By the feelings devoid of reason.
By weather from its ruling season.

It’s something else that gives us life.
The hidden hand that calms the rife.

Recall that we were created.
And that force has not abated.

What is moral, what is good?
How should good be understood?

Here we yearn to understand.
The way to be a better man.

One who holds their purpose near.
One devoted to his peer.

The sinner working to redeem.
And become more than he seems.

To give and to give again,
And be as gods borne of men.

© 2021 TheRememberings Ltd.

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