A Keeping

It speaks of peace and why it’s lost.
It speaks of futures I can toss.

Or I can keep, if not postpone.
It speaks of what’s already known.

Yes I know, but I forget.
I looked away with regret.

A fine time to recollect,
To remember, to reflect . . .

How nothing’s new under the sun.
How the many came from one.

How each and every warring side,
Is the whole as it decides.

How I am fearful for some reasons.
How this is one of many treasons.

How my flaws do encumber.
Hiding gifts of equal number.

How I can derive a meaning,
If I ignore those intervening.

How I have all that I need,
To meet this moment and exceed.

And as a drop, and as an ocean,
I feel the wonder and devotion.

I think of how this all was made.
And just like that, I’m unafraid.

It’s a world that is speaking,
In a whisper, in a keeping.

© 2021 TheRememberings Ltd.

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