To Vacate

A retrieval from a place,
Easy beauty, peace and grace.

It makes the doing go away.
Not a word you need to say.

Sunsets that you never miss.
Stay and soak in the abyss.

Darkened high blanket face.
Seeing through endless space.

Feeling falling, what they meant.
Mythic tales of heaven sent.

Never have to give that much.
Yet this place is but a crutch.

What you seek, we can confide,
Is the thing you feel inside.

Cleansing as you take it slow.
Captured essence whence you go.

As that place shrinks from sight.
Path back here remains despite.

Hold that song but for a few.
It’s all now a part of you.

A place and time your soul did feed.
But the feeling’s all you’ll need.

Challenge of the coming year?
Leave holds in this feeling near.
© 2021 TheRememberings Ltd.

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