Determined & Resigned

If I’ve been set upon a course.
A course pursued without remorse.

A course that seized my heart and mind.
That course may bring some other find.

Is it my efforts or results?
Well, either way my soul’s engulfed.

I don’t know what I will find.
I’m not sure I even mind.

While I will strive for that one thing.
When I find failure, will it sting?

Will I be sad, will I be fine?
This whole thing seems intertwined.

With a feeling of being lost.
With wants and needs that may be tossed.

With surrender to whatever.
Not whatever – an endeavor.

To the road that I am walking.
To the goal that I’ve been stalking.

How ever else could this thing end?
What other time would I defend,

The work to forge a mind of steel,
Blinding focus, and not reveal,

That inside’s a screaming panic?
Cries of heaven and satanic.

Through it all remain committal.
An accused nearing acquittal.

I am determined and resigned.
And in that way, at once . . . aligned.

With whatever is to be.
And just like that, I am free.
© 2021 TheRememberings Ltd.

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