A play upon the hopes and dreams.
Upon their fear is what that means.

Could be real or manufactured.
Either way, they will be raptured.

Your future’s tied to the effect.
A cause to rile is per-fect.

A mix of real and the dreaming.
They’ll give power, you’ll give meaning.

Not a problem, or solution,
But a means for revolution.

Total control would be ideal.
But as a gift, not as a steal.

Provide a cause, a will to fight.
Align your power with, alright.

An army quickly rallies to.
Propelled by tales seemingly true.

To take up arms on your behalf.
A fanatical, unpaid staff.

Enemies will be defeated.
Strengthening the place you’re seated.

For this cause they’ll give it all.
Institutions too will fall.

It’s of no moment of that fate.
The republic is long past late.

And how long could this persist?
As long as subjects will assist.

Give them meaning and a cause,
Then you, my prince, will be the laws.

Give your laws a truthful bend,
Then your power hath no end.

The onus will have been restored,
As burdens of an unborn lord.
© 2021 TheRememberings Ltd.

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