To dance the dance, I never would?
Or to go back to where I once stood?

The place and way that offends thee.
The only truthful one I see.

My truth hurts, what can I do?
I do not want to hurt you.

But I cannot deny this truth.
At a loss, a turn and rewth.

Rendered silent and suppressed.
A marvel reduced to a pest.

Where’s the bridge from here to there?
How can we mend, can we repair?

Walking through as half a man.
That’s without you, understand?

I do not know what I don’t know.
My good intent’s not apropos.

I’m right and wrong at the same time.
Laying hope beneath a rhyme.

Hope that never seems to come.
All alone and cold and numb.

The story told myself’s not true.
Revealed, I know not what to do.

My nature’s here to take me down.
The verb I played was just a noun.

I who knew not of defeat,
Have failed to make that thought complete.

A look beyond this worldly plane.
Take me lord, please end this pain.

© 2021 TheRememberings Ltd.

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