This Little Life

It pushes back, don’t you see?
Won’t be contained – it will be free.

At the heart of its existence.
Is grace and cause and persistence.

It will not bend to your needs.
It was not born to concede.

It does not care how you feel.
It lives by its own ideal.

Strengthening from your attacks.
Its essence doesn’t rest or lack.

If you insist and intercede,
Your hard defeat is guaranteed.

So let it be, let it thrive.
Who knows what it may derive?

But the one who knows best,
With raptured heart in her chest,

Vitalized by fate and will.
Beheld it once, behold it still.

Revere its need to be true.
It is here to save you too.
© 2021 TheRememberings Ltd.

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