The Super Men

Between the god and the beast.
A journey that has not yet ceased.

A myth at the heart of cause.
A chain that lengthens without pause.

Perhaps the part that’s the myth.
Is their command – or lack therewith.

Who creates these links of chain?
Who creates? And who explains?

The mind chatters with no end.
As it explains and recommends.

With a beat it’d be a song.
A pleasant sound but still quite wrong.

Who’s in charge, who’s in command?
Is god or beast making demands?

The god created by these men,
Who have surpassed, so what then?

Who or what are they beneath?
These men with swords in the sheath.

They keep them sheathed, they keep them still.
Against their nature, against their will.

They, the meek who lie in wait.
For their kingdom, for their fate.

Are they alone, is their god dead?
Morality has left their stead.

Perhaps it’s time for better myths.
But built upon the ones they’re with.

Virtues that have brought them to.
And those that will get them through.

Perhaps this god isn’t dead.
He’s just further up ahead.

Yes, it’s true, their climb has changed.
But their trajectory remains.
© 2021 TheRememberings Ltd.

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