Space Between

Cannot trust this space, this thing.
I cannot know what it will bring.

There is a thought, there is a notion.
But it’s not stable, it’s in motion.

I’m fond of you, you’re fond of me.
It is the rest I cannot see.

For what I see is something else.
It differs from the things you tell.

I’m losing faith in what you do.
While looking for something more true.

Something firm where we can rest.
Our truths, they no longer mesh.

Even thoughtful, careful handling,
Leads to more misunderstanding.

We must allow that space to be.
To twist and turn triumphantly.

That discord seeks a different tune.
A tune to which we are immune.

It spreads us outward, far and wide.
To be alone, to be inside?

There’s wisdom in that space and time.
Wisdom beyond yours and mine.

It speaks to us in foreign tongues.
Or like a father to his sons.

One who tells of most, not all.
Whose absence saddens but enthralls.

Who left some things to find instead.
Tools for the lonely road ahead.

Perhaps one day it will be plain.
Til then a part shall we remain.
© 2021 TheRememberings Ltd.

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