The Road Out

So, you’ve escaped from your tether.
One you thought would last forever.

The barren plain is before thee.
It’s time to rise up from your knee.

Seeking answers, seeking truth.
Getting longer in the tooth.

A foot before the other one.
Ever forward, and never done.

It was easy yesterday.
At least that is what you say.

It’s harder than it was before.
But you can handle so much more.

Much more weight and much more pain.
Much more complexity made plain.

Made plain as this barren scape.
All that’s missing is the shape.

The shape from the dent we’ll make.
As we fight, as we forsake.

Forsake the thought that we’re alone.
And walk intent through this unknown.

And carve this plain some brand new paths.
And survive the coming wrath.

The meaning of the before thee.
Will be far more than you can see.

The tyrant, slave and diplomat.
Choose your role, affix your hat.

And find out how we can reclaim.
All that brought us here again.
© 2022 TheRememberings Ltd.

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