Why An Eye For An Eye?

You ask how it went so awry?
All of this eye for an eye.

The net worth of indecency.
Is deep within our frequency.

A particle, a piece of mass.
It arrives but doesn’t last.

And zillions more just the same.
All within a human frame.

Each is dancing to a tune.
In a flow and on a rune.

And when they dance in a match,
Many more will soon attach.

Suddenly its full and proud.
And a few becomes a crowd.

And the crowd intones a song.
A song so sweet for it belongs.

It belongs to the masses.
Even though it soon passes.

In that moment, in that time.
It is beyond, it is Divine.

This tremendous complex fact.
Comes from many simple acts.

Oh, but then there’s dissonance.
It seizes on our innocence.

And a hole is left thereby.
A void, a shell, a gone awry.

From that hole a new thing springs.
And all else that it will bring.

These are acts of creation.
At least that’s my interpretation.

© 2022 TheRememberings Ltd.

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