The Founders

The founders of this land, this place.
Would we put their words or face,

Upon our precious currency?
Or silence them with urgency?

If these souls were here and now,
Would their teachings be allowed?

The things they said, the way they lived.
Would we condemn? Would we forgive?

Within their vision was the seed.
It was a want, it was a need.

It was a need for something more.
It was our tale of heretofore.

The one we now forget to keep.
The one that turned us into sheep.

How did this go so astray?
At what point did we betray?

If these souls were now and here,
Would their morals be revered?

The foundation of a people.
To be treasured? Rendered fecal?

We’ve turned upon the builders of,
Society and their love,

For us, the future generation.
As they founded a new nation.

They forged a unity so fine.
And paved the way to present times.

When they would be without a friend.
To when they all would be condemned.

The founders of this place and land.
They would be jailed, understand?

We would take pleasure as they cried.
They would be scorned and crucified.
© 2022 TheRememberings Ltd.

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