My Oppressor

Would you say, who shall it be?
The one who will oppress me.

The one whose yoke I’ll live beneath.
The one I’ll see through gnashing teeth.

Who is the tyrant I’ll abhor?
Who’ll take the freedom I adore?

Is it the one on distant lands?
The one I do not understand?

The one I learn of from thee?
The only one you have shown me.

Tell me, who is my oppressor?
Of yesteryear and its successor.

That reappears in different forms.
And keeps me from my peaceful norms.

That forces me to compromise.
Give up the life I realized.

The life our fathers once fought for.
My freedom I so much adore.

So much I’ll place it on a shelf.
To preserve our sense of self.

And set my own beneath that yoke.
For common goods and unknown folks.

I’ll hold my freedom in suspense.
You’ve said this is my sole defense.

There is one thing, I must confess.
It rarely goes as you profess.

My world, you said, must rearrange.
I do find it a little strange.

Every time there is upheaval.
It’s always someone else’s evil.

How could one per-fect as you,
Allow all this to happen to,

The one you promised to protect?
Always to the same effect.

Your strength expands hitherto.
And I’m still in peril too.

Oppression fills the cup of fear.
Could my oppressor be more near?
© 2022 TheRememberings Ltd.

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