Left Unsaid

You have a need you have the wants.
You’re clearly seeking a response.

To your issue, to your query.
For all you have is a theory.

You’ve come for things left unsaid.
Things still swirling in my head.

Those for which I’m lost for words.
Those that ever go unherd.

Here we have a perfect time.
To let it go just like a rhyme.

Maybe I have the way to say,
Once and for all – to convey.

But would my words sound alright?
What travesty could they ignite?

The disappoint and swiftly judged
My meaning lost. No . . begrudged!

Begrudged at once and for all time.
My self altered on a dime.

Deny I would, your imagery.
The one you’d grow to think of me.

It is not who I really am.
But why would you give a damn?

You seek an end, and to move on.
With condemnation, too foregone.

A toss aside as way unkind.
Leaving doubts to haunt my mind.

Written, published, on the shelf.
With my name but not myself.

What madness are these thoughts of mine.
Thoughts that seemed so benign.

Thoughts that never seem to cease.
Keep them contained, I can at least.

Perhaps those things left unsaid,
Are best left swirling in my head.

Swirl they may and swirl they might.
How could silence sound so right?

© 2022 TheRememberings Ltd.

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