Upon The Undefined

That war, you see, cannot be won.
It has been waged, and it is done.

Our side lost and didn’t know.
It happened a long time ago.

It was a slow but sure defeat.
We noticed when it was complete.

The next war calls for acumen.
True to nature, more hu-man.

With subtlety and appeal.
The birthing of a new ideal.

Aligned with beauty and presence.
Truer to the nature’s essence.

A war of spirit, a war of mind.
A war upon the undefined.

That takes the blows with a smile.
With a shrewdness and some guile.

With a faith in something bigger.
With a conscience as a trigger.

Not mine or yours, but the oppressor.
Even more of his successor.

Let them burn us at the stake.
Let them see what that will make.

Let them feel their deeds come true.
Let them see what that will do.

At the core of every heart.
Good and evil plays a part.

Let those parts have their play.
And in time we’ll have our way.

Perhaps after we’ve departed.
But right here is where it started.

© 2022 TheRememberings Ltd.

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