Adversary Within

Ohh but a passing possession.
That desire, that obsession.

With endeavors, one or two.
Now I’m back to feeling blue.

I let myself feel this way.
I let myself, what can I say?

Funny how that works sometimes.
How things get so misaligned.

I am human after all.
I am human, and I fall.

I’ll get back up when I’m ready.
Next time perhaps I’ll be more steady.

And if not, what can I do?
Play with thoughts that are not true?

Thoughts that bend things out of shape.
Til I see I can escape.

This adversary that’s inside.
In it sometimes I do confide.

It stands in service fore it pass.
Calling to be freed at last.

Finding freedom in a sleep.
A drifting off into the deep.

With no thought, without, a nil.
A movement in the lying still.

Worlds of motion, worlds of challenge.
Worlds that bring me back in balance.

Wish I might, my peace away.
Each side furthers disarray.

This being is a funny thing.
I never know what it will bring.
© 2022 TheRememberings Ltd.

One thought on “Adversary Within

  1. I admire your fearlessness in laying bare the vulnerability of being human. Rare. Raw. Endearing. Priceless.

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