The Strange & The Norm

The loosening of a fetter.
The meaning of getting better.

The destruction of a whole.
The illusions of control.

The challenges that lie ahead.
What ever would we do instead?

Nothing. This is what we do.
We go astray and back to true.

We walk upon this spiraled path,
With certainty of simple math.

Where one plus one equals many.
Faith in none, is faith in any.

Enjoy this calm before the storm.
If used to find and to inform,

There isn’t much else to prepare.
Just be easy and aware.

The storm will soon have its way.
Although it’s currently delayed.

And what is on the other side?
Is this the seizure of our ride?

Is this the process of our form?
Is this the strange, is it the norm?

Is it suspense that holds us tight?
Is it the thing that just might . . .

Bring about a needed end?
In ways we never would intend.

And so we are, and so we do,
And so what does, will ensue.
© 2022 TheRememberings Ltd.

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