This is how we live and die.
This is the order of awry.

It’s not a fault or a flaw.
It is a process, it’s the law.

We welcome in all the fiends.
Let them destroy as they deem.

Then we fight to take it back.
A fight that fails, a fight that lacks.

As darkness falls upon the still.
Sovereigns forge the means and will.

For the offense breeds resistance.
Each serving the other’s existence.

And as the failures call for more.
There’s greater danger and abhor.

It calls for far more than we knew.
And then a turn comes into view.

Of a future that’s been earned.
A mode of being’s been discerned.

It is horrific, it is tragic.
It’s captivating and dramatic.

It is all those ghastly things.
It becomes known for what it brings.

This is the rule, not the exception.
This is merciless perfection.

It is not broke, it’s working fine.
These things unfold by design.
© 2022 TheRememberings Ltd.

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