You’ve been beat and battered down.
Your innards scattered all around.

Where there was praise, there’s now scorn.
Yet this matter’s just been born.

What is left to undergo?
How much of this has yet to show?

What is left is your portrayal,
That looks and feels like some betrayal.

Take caution as this starts to spin.
There might be more for you therein.

These things hurt, they always do.
Will you see how you’ll move through?

Will you see what is revealed?
How force and fire hone the steel?

There’s a calmness within yours.
It’s what you are, and it endures.

While flows of strife won’t be curbed.
That piece of peace is undisturbed.

The storms flow in but levels keep.
This ocean is vast and deep.

With strength and ease and a smile.
Allow that piece to reconcile.

Let the stillness have its say.
This obstacle is the way.

© 2022 TheRememberings Ltd.

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