The Moment

I now know how, yet I don’t do.
Command and control’s missing hitherto.

It plays like a play if just in my mind.
The moment arrives, and that play I can’t find.

These plans somehow vanish, swiftly gone away.
Chaos in my self and no word left to say.

The word that brings order to bedlam about.
The word is a part that I can’t do without.

Exerting a force on a thought as it girds.
Exerting a force on a thought? How absurd!

How many reside behind that veil?
How many impulses work to prevail?

And how do I know which one will be last?
How can I take hold before it has passed?

It must be made slow, yes, I’ll slow it down.
I’ll take impulses and feelings to ground.

With the clearest of focus on the task at hand.
The silence of focus and alone, understand?

The moment’s a moment that’s fleeting no more.
The moment is past, now, and what’s in store.

The moment is mine, mine all alone.
The moment is my one chance to atone.

So, here I go to this place out of time.
To catch and to hold this moment so fine.
© 2022 TheRememberings Ltd.

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