Perception & Will

What is it that you see?
Extents to which you are not free,

From all that’s been set in motion,
Your tendencies, and devotion?

The role you played from the start,
The shapes of your beating heart.

What is it that you perceive?
A way to fill a long-held need,

To drive your tales of self-control,
At any cost, with any toll?

Your quest for fickle certainty,
Has captured you so perfectly.

What is it that you will?
Yearnings past and wanting still.

That which you think can be made plain.
The illusions you maintain,

That there’s something you can do.
That a-mong all – you are the few.

. . .

You have vision, you know what’s true.
It’s what you see, not what you do.

It is the word, it is the mind.
What you seek, is what you’ll find

There’s nothing new under the sun.
It’s all before you, said and done.
© 2022 TheRememberings Ltd.

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