As I Fall

“Seems I must have misery,
With reality’s delivery.”

I think of this, as I fall.
And there was more, I do recall.

There I went for a ride.
Rolling down a mountainside.

The beast above was chasing me.
I needed to get myself free.

A run away was not enough.
I jumped off into the rough.

Tumbling across the ground.
Limbs were flailing all around.

Beating rocks and smashing sticks.
There I was in quite the fix.

From the pan into the fire.
‘Twas not the end of my desire.

My home was so far away.
How could I know how this would play?

This place offered quite the clash.
From peace, to fun to getting thrashed.

This is how it had to be.
The price to pay for getting free.
© 2022 TheRememberings Ltd.

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