An animal beneath the bushy.
Out of the weather, nice and cushy.

A little place within your view.
He’s watching what it is you do.

And sometimes he falls asleep.
In place to stay, in place to keep.

That animal’s not been inside.
And with you he can’t confide.

For he simply doesn’t know,
What that place is, where you go.

I wonder if he’s figured out,
That you are silly and devout?

That you have given him a name.
That your tales are not the same,

From one day to the next.
It’s fantastic, it’s complex.

I wonder if he has a tale?
A principle, a holy grail.

I wonder if he has a purpose.
Beneath that simple looking surface?

Watching, for reasons I cannot find.
Until he is no more inclined.

Watching is such a simple thing.
And what peace it seems to bring.

Maybe I should learn to watch.
Before I act, before I botch.

Maybe I should fall asleep.
In place to stay in place to keep.
© 2023 TheRememberings Ltd.

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