They are opposed, no way to revise.
The feeling of dread, the thought of despise.

Ideas have taken – not one but all.
And so, our fate, approaches in crawl.

The pathways of man, and its sorting through.
How we move from here, and what we will do.

Rubicon crossed, die has been cast.
May we receive much more than they’ve asked.

The gods on the front, the gods to the side,
The gods undecided, they also divide.

On the better way – to understand,
Our brethren, our kind, our specie, our band.

The conflicted nature of this place and time,
Won’t be reconciled without a climb,

From our old hell we used to call home,
As myths that defined the greatness of Rome.

Effects now it seems alas do respond.
Calling for causes to move beyond.

What shall we find on the other side,
The fewer of us who might survive?

What will be the tale, what will be the myth?
What will this day – let us take with?

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