The Good & The True

You see the swing to and fro,
With more than we’ll ever know.

Recurring form and in substance.
Making sense, making justice.

You kept the good and left the true.
Twisted what’s fair to make it through.

Integrity was there to game.
Upon another, cast the blame.

To further yours, the self, a role.
To an end where truth be told.

But that truth does not align,
With the existence you’ve maligned.

So, what now, so what then?
Will you seek my trust again?

Will that trust again be given?
Despite the wreck your way has riven.

Upon fiction you’ve relied.
Self-evident has been denied.

Your warring way is a tell,
Of how this never could end well.

My mere surmise, what this will bring.
This dissonant, exorable thing.

It helps to look beyond the end.
Beyond the loss of us as friends.

When the drama meets conclusion.
When we awaken from delusion.

When love’s the last remaining song.
When that’s all it was all along.

When the swings will start anew.
To when the good is also true.
© 2023 TheRememberings Ltd.

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