A War Within

With wooden hands on the unknown,
I tried so hard to move them bones.

It was once was and will be done.
When all my parts had moved as one.

The bones did move, the hand did hold,
The moment, as it turned to gold.

Among myself there was no war.
I had regret for nothing more.

I saw all that could have been.
I came to terms with present sins.

I would redeem them all but for,
A subtle point that I ignored.

T’was not for me, it was for them,
The family, foes and my friends.

The guardian at the gate,
Failed to see what it creates.

Safety, bliss and foolishness.
These things soon turned to ruthlessness,

Against the one there to protect.
Attacks, at first, were indirect.

They come from home, from inside,
Before they spread far and wide.

It is this fail that hurts the most.
It silences my holy ghost.

It leaves me in demonic ways.
I see home in a rolling blaze.

The inward calling once ignored,
Has me backed against the door.

Shall I escape, shall I run?
Leave this home, over and done?

Shall I stay, shall I endure?
Turn this blaze to something more?

Is this the reason for the guard?
To run when things get too hard?

Do I stand firm? Do I rise to?
A fate only my maker knew?

I’d give myself to far less things.
A servant makes the best of kings.

This is no different, this is true.
I know now what I must do.

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