Without A Rue

It wasn’t straight, there was a curve.
I wondered who I’m here to serve.

Would it be clear that it was me?
Whatever me’s supposed to be.

Perhaps it had to be the masses?
Or one or more of its classes?

Maybe it’s best to be the all.
The place beyond where I do call.

No, my friends it’s far from clear,
If I am off or if I’m near.

The clouds so thick I cannot see,
Where I am, where I should be.

I lost my bearing, lost my course.
Lost the hold upon my source.

It sure is clear that I am lost,
Confused, abused and being tossed.

A world that seems to go one way.
Against all that for which I pray.

I need to learn to carry on.
The way I’ve done all along.

Not to wait for this or that.
Accept what comes, what might begat.

To be alright either way.
To wel-come, the come what may.

Bring it on, do bring it now.
Try and take me down somehow.

If you try, you might succeed.
And maybe that is what I need.

To find a bottom, to taste the dirt.
To find a reason to assert,

What it is I’m here to do,
Without a doubt, without a rue.

© 2023 TheRememberings Ltd.

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