This Visit

Wounded, yet we carry on.
We stop and sit, enjoy a song.

A funny, pleasant symphony.
Congruent with our company.

Just a moment to reflect.
Taking stock and collect,

The laughs, the clearness of the eyes.
The tells of all the past us by’s.

We’ve grown wiser in our views.
We’ve absorbed the much ado.

We know the perils lie ahead.
Yet hearts are home and thereby led.

We realize we were away,
Off a course and gone astray.

But not really. For it’s quite clear,
This bond has always been quite near.

Hidden by the thinnest veil.
And vessels shift and turn in sail.

Revealing hiddens from our view.
The grateful for a love so true.

This visit came and then it passed.
I see it now in aftermath.

It brought meaning, it set new norm.
It was a calm before the storm.

It was the strength to prevail.
It was the filling of our sails.
© 2023 TheRememberings Ltd.

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