Here I Stay

Perhaps I too should have surrendered.
The truth, freedom soundly tendered.

To perhaps be less alone.
To deny feeling in my bones.

I have changed, this much is true.
Don’t know what else I could do.

The world shifted beneath our feet.
The way became the obsolete.

Had I not chosen to adapt,
I’d be seized, possessed and trapped.

At times I long for that past.
The fragile that would never last.

So much of what was near and dear,
Has changed or is no longer here.

I think of all that has been lost,
To keep my soul, but at what cost?

And now I wonder, was I wrong,
To not relent, to not belong?

Have I made a better choice?
To walk along an inner voice?

To not be swayed by fear and crowd?
To lose it all but truth and vow?

I do not know, I cannot say.
But here I am. And here I stay.
© 2023 TheRememberings Ltd.

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