A Stronger Peace

There was a common tendency,
To forgive unendingly.

It was a flaw in my peace.
Tolerance became obese.

My tortured ways to understand,
Frustrations of the fellow man,

From aims that would do me in,
Without delay, without chagrin.

When tolerating all those things,
Should it surprise what this would bring?

By letting demons in the door,
It set the stage for what’s in store.

And now my march to better days,
Is paved with evil and decay.

If I intend to start anew,
I must destroy the mal-accrue.

For so long I looked away.
Choosing solace in the gray.

Because if I truly knew,
I’d feel somewhat less than true.

Because if I understood,
I’d feel somewhat less than good.

This is the story of our time.
It’s the intent beneath the crime.

This is the way sin accrues.
It’s how reality imbues.

Redemption comes in many ways,
Designed, devout and in a blaze.

The former two have long since passed.
And the latter has amassed.

I can’t know what will come next,
But it seems war has annexed.

And with tolerance released,
Perhaps I’ll find a stronger peace.

© 2023 TheRememberings Ltd.

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