Thy Abyss

Sailing onward day and night.
The end seems far but still in sight.

Why does that end not get nearer?
Though paths thereto could not be clearer?

Why do more hurdles come to pass?
When each one was to be the last?

Why are there thorns that we won’t touch?
For fear that it would hurt too much?

On the blue, it’s getting breezy.
Gone is hope I’d have it easy.

Seas and toothy beasts with fins.
Depict the fury let within.

It was a quest to leave the shore.
A yearning to get back, restore.

To views of pasts that never were,
That ever cause my heart to stir.

Is it a past, or just a hope?
A tightened sail, an angled rope.

I’m here where maps do not portray,
Where all I have is today.

And even that is quickly fading.
Decks and skies take deeper shading.

The doubts raised by this world unkind,
Meet night sky blankets and remind,

Of my wish upon that star.
That home will never be that far.

I keep this close, not to remiss.
And stay the course on thy abyss.

Knowing not how long I’ll go.
But going, for that’s what I know.
© 2023 TheRememberings Ltd.

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