Staying Humble

Tis the law of certain matters
Comes about when one flatters

Flattery went to your head?
Bore within has been bred

Riding self, kingly high horse
Illusions grand is the force

Keeping you riding along
Outlaw’s gaze is getting strong

Reinforcing of their frown
Finding things for knocking down

Watch yourself that thing’s now yours
Trotting around on that horse

Arrogance universally despised
Spitball shot between the eyes

Nasty human synthesis
Explained in antithesis

Opposites are twins you see
Ends of same that balance thee

Hold on through this idiom
All seeks equilibrium

Forces rise ever so high
Earth force pulls it from the sky

Find yourself at an apex
Plunge to depths is what comes next

Portrayed forces of nature
Also of human creature

He who rides pony tall
Will eventually fall

If recognition’s your goal
Flimsy way to be made whole

No knocks on ability
It’s about humility

Your great skills remain intact.
How they’re carried brings attack

Grander notions bring greater stumbles
Some reasons for remaining humble.

Compliments are very nice
Take with a grain is the advice
© 2018 The Rememberings Ltd.