Face the Mystery

Face the mystery in obscurity.
Spoken order dictates the unity.
Knowable is forgotten through the illusion,
Unknowable is remembered through allusion . . .

ALLUSION notes, meaning lost,
Once the words on tongues do cross.

Timeless quest to comprehend,
Minds that way not meant to bend.

Brought to pass by allegor,
Stories told but metaphor.

On this we can never know,
While walking this place below.

ILLUSION is another matter,
Answers rest in quieting chatter.

Taking in a higher view,
Wisdom up there to accrue.

Complex seeming to behold,
Simple laws make it unfold.

Known by men of the ages,
Wax and wane all in stages.

Some prefer that we forget.
Open minds can be a threat.

Crucified by king’s disdain.
Exists still on other planes.

Instilled in all those willing.
Vow soon to be fulfilling.

Then one moves, makes a choice.
In that moment finding voice.

From that voice more souls trigger.
Adding to the sense of vigor.

Cries out through the hearts of men.
Redemption found once again. . .

Make much sense? I do not know.
Riddles swirling in the flow.

© 2018 The Rememberings Ltd.