Expansion of Life

Judgment precedes ‘sessment of merits.
Tolerance reigned but now has perished.

Student of nature, student of life,
Wisdom dances on edge of a knife.

Fall in to rabbit hole, lost?
Or, the place riddles get tossed?

History hath not, repeat in time,
But like this babble, often has rhyme.

Vista of magi, view of sages,
Not much resolves throughout these ages.

What seems today diff-rent and unique,
Same as before the havoc it wreaks.

Havoc, it’s seizing our attention,
Seizures evolve once in ascension.

Jagged angles of each everyday,
In the lines of precessional sway.

Each part yielding sea-quence of events.
Creates much more, no way to prevent.

Gliding along the edge of that knife,
Hear forever expansion of life.

© 2018 The Rememberings Ltd.