Daughter’s Milestone

Ready to walk out that door
She always had this in store

Moment now is arriving
Growing, learning and thriving

Put her needs above your own
Preparing now to leave home

Eager for what’s next she peers
Gravity of moments dear

If you did the right things
Pondering now this pain sings

Done without you nonetheless
Not for you to repossess

Maybe not all that you could
And by far not all you would

No matter now, moment’s here
Sweet reflection on those years

This child you never owned
This moment you did postpone

Nature moves so now you see
Propels yearning to be free

Tears also of gratitude
Marvel at her attitude

Guide this precious life for years
Tremor in the moment here

She’s got this, it’s evident
Treasured she is confident

Your time done? That’s just a myth.
What you’ve taught, she’ll take with.

Carry with her through her life
Her spectacle will be rife

Feelings surge like the ocean
Rolling swells of emotion

Softly strikes you to the core
Crashing as it hits the shore

Shining now like a sun
So proud how she has become

Happy those tears now flow
Oh drama of letting go

© 2018 The Rememberings Ltd.