Right or True?

My friend, would you be right or true?
Tell me, which would you rather do?

Answers missing, answers lost.
Questions linger, at what cost.

As you heard their words dis-joint.
You jumped in to make your point.

And on that point, you now rule.
And with that they’re but a fool.

Fool you cast in errant ways.
Fool whose truth is but a craze.

You rushed to judge, rushed to condemn.
And never understanding them.

In you they wanted to confide.
Before you tossed their truth aside.

But their truth was not a craze.
It was right in many ways.

Toss aside makes you the fool.
Deeper truth will lastly rule.

Passed on depth to make a point.
Your judgment sparked that dis-joint.

Do you see where lies the cost?
How your answers became lost?

Your rights went wrong as they will do.
Those hasty rights are rarely true.

© 2019 TheRememberings Ltd.