Your Moment

A mere hope for what’s in store.
A tale’s a tale, nothing more.

Body’s dying, what can I say.
All will be gone soon anyway.

But there’s this moment and its meaning,
Eternity, right now, convening.

Here but passed before too long.
What could make this moment wrong?

To live it again and again?
Without change, without end?

A captive of this one moment.
Re-living every component.

How then would you be?
How would you craft your destiny?

Would you make this time worthwhile?
Be more loving, less hostile?

In truth this time does not abate.
What’s next is that which you create.

But it’s created in the now,
No matter how you disavow.

With heart and mind, you have it all.
Bring both to bear, bring both to call.

This we state with confidence . . .
This moment has consequence.

There’s no option to remand.
It’s on you, you’re in command.

To truly set yourself free,
Live this moment perfectly.
© 2020 TheRememberings Ltd.