Heaven on Earth

Moving through your daily toil
Contemplation never spoiled

Spend your day doing your work
Peace within will always lurk

No need to put it aside
Take it with you for the ride

All time your soul be cleaning
Mindless work now has meaning

Enjoying the smallest task
Serene like you’d never ask

Yet feel warmth for which you longed
Endless times for your heart songs

Lag no more your quenching soul
All you do now makes you whole

Less mind on your coming death
Thankful now for every breath

Way for you to be the light
For yourself and all in sight

Home not drained of platitude
Filled instead with gratitude

For what you’ve done, what you do
Uplifting to others too

Finding gifts in every strife
Ushers spirit through your life

When all things bring sense of worth
You have found heaven on Earth

© 2018 The Rememberings Ltd.