Find Yourself in the Art

Some are seen and some unknown.
Much more, we have not been shown.

Immanent your creations.
Express of your relations,

With you and your reflections.
One and many connections.

The art and you are but one.
All becoming, never done.

Pulsing on without limit.
Yours always remains in it.

Ways you’re here and also there.
Something more is running bare.

A part of you that’s lasting.
Beyond this life contrasting.

Reveals some divinity.
Unfolds to infinity.

From the soundings of your heart.
What’s profound about your art.

Delivering great lessons.
The gifts of these expressions.

Find yourself within this art.
The deep truth it can impart.

The one you really seek,
Of which none can ever speak,

Without sounding like a joke.
Upon such thoughts you often choke.

Expressed in this other way.
Let it unfold, come what may.
© 2018 TheRememberings Ltd.