To yourself you must be kind.
Getting brutal in that mind.

Many varied points of view.
Look at what it does to you.

Locked in some paralysis.
Victim of analysis.

You are on a wild ride.
Best to let this gripe pass by.

Days will never move that slow.
To move forward, just let go.

Some simple words, simple rhymes.
Some simple ways to unwind.

It’s a battle it’s a war,
Far worse for you is in store.

But that’s okay, that is fine,
Times like these is when you shine.

So go ahead, let it out,
Maybe cry or maybe shout.

Feel this pain down to your soul,
Then let it go, time to roll.

The coldest day, darkest night,
Always precedes that first light.

Onward now into the fray.
Onward now to seize this day.

© 2019 TheRememberings Ltd.